WhiteFlair Productions was established in 2010 and since then, Josh and Andrew have had many clients such as The Walt Disney Company, Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Healthcare Television Network, Lynchburg College, United Way, Illuminate Media, Juice TV, and countless brides.  WhiteFlair Productions has been brought by clients to 13 different states, including NYC and DC.


Owner & Lead Cinematographer

Growing up under an international director as a father, Joshua was immersed in media from as early as he can remember.  Growing up around media is what Josh contributes to his natural affinity for cinema and telling stories.  Josh started producing his own video content as early as 12 years old.  At 17 years old Josh met his wife on a studio set and was married in July of 2016.  Josh enjoys spending time with his wife, travelling, and doing cardio.


Lead Cinematographer

Andrew's passion for cinema began at a young age as well, making movies with his friends as early as 11 years old.  Andrew has experience working on documentaries, commercial work, as well as numerous weddings. Andrew and Josh met in their early college years and found that they have identical styles and passions when it comes to cinema.  The two worked side by side at nearly every wedding for a few years where their styles grew within each other and eventually became indistinguishable.  In 2015 as WhiteFlair grew, Andrew started leading a second team under WhiteFlair.  Andrew enjoys playing music and travelling.